Business Insurance Questions

What role does insurance and risk management play in a sound financial plan and why is it important who I choose for these services?

Every business and individuals have risks that need to be evaluated and in order to minimize exposures and potential losses. If you’re not properly covered, you could be vulnerable to significant exposures, monetary losses, or both. Your insurance and risk management professional should be knowledgeable in all aspects of insurance and risk management so he/she can assist you in selecting the right techniques for each exposure. Visit Our Process for more information.

How can CD Rigdon improve my current insurance and risk management program?

As a Lisle, IL based insurance company, we examine your current coverages and all other factors relating to your risk profile. We then apply the expertise of our team members from various risk disciplines important to controlling your total cost of risk. Those disciplines include: coverage placement, safety and loss control engineering, alternative risk strategies, claims management, and contractual risk transfer, to name a few. From the information gathered, we craft insurance and risk management costs into meaningful formats that assist you in making important business decisions.

What is your service model?

Every client that works with us has a dedicated account service team whose members represent the various insurance and risk management disciplines associated with their account. Your team is available by phone or email during business hours and on an extended basis as needed. Contact us for more details.

Can I outsource my risk management needs more cost-effectively as opposed to creating an in-house team?

Yes. While our services are cost-competitive versus internal staffing, we also offer a higher degree of technical and industry-specific expertise relating to the many complexities associated with insurance and risk management world. We are able to draw upon a wider knowledge base to develop your solutions using credentialed and licensed professionals.

What products and services does CD Rigdon offer and do you offer small business insurance to Lisle, Il or other states as well?

We understand our home state of Illinois but also maintain licenses in almost all US states. We provides products and services related to Insurance Coverage, Alternative Risk Strategies, Claims Management, Third Party General Liability Claims Administration, Safety and Loss Control, General LIability Insurance, Small Busines Insurance, Personal Insruance, Workman’s Comp Insurance and More

How do I know which services you offer are best for my situation?

We specialize in customizing insurance and risk management programs that respond specifically to your needs. To learn more, please visit the Business Insurance Products and Services section or call 800.972.4407 to schedule your complimentary insurance consultation.

If I already have an insurance broker that I am satisfied with but want to purchase some of your services, can I do that?

Yes. Many of our services are offered a la carte. We can also work with your current broker, depending on the situation. Contact us for more information.

Do you only handle businesses?

At CD Rigdon, we provide both commercial and personal risk management products and services for your home, vehicles or personal belongings, to name a few.

If I have a claim, how do I report it?

Contact your CD Rigdon Agent, customer service representative.

How do I request a quote for your services?

Call us at 800.972.4407 or visit the Contact Us page.age. We then recommend complementary risk management services to complete your program. The culmination is an artful balance between risks to be retained and those to be transferred through targeted strategies, achieving the goal of cost containment and sustainable improvements to your
insurance and risk management program.

Where can we contact you?